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Agra Palace and part of wall and gateway to the fort.
Figure 3.55.—Corinthian Ornament.
Figure 3.54.—Ionic Frieze
Front Cover
Figure 3.56.—Acanthus Leaf.
Title Page
front cover
Crown from title page at p. 637
Bookplate in Volume 1
Chapter Heading Woodcut featuring Neptune and Mermaids
9. Seal of Paimon (second version)
8. Seal of Barbatos
10. Seal of Buer.
6. Seal of Valefor
7. Seal of Amon
190.—Arms and Costume of an Anglo-Saxon King and Armour Bearer.
Ornament: steam ship
814.—Henry III From his Tomb in Westminster Abbey.
Front Cover
Frontispiece: Watering My Flowers
Knave of Staves.
Seven of Batons
Six of Coins
Five of Coins
Trump 3: Empress.
Four of Cups
Ace of Cups.
Knight of Swords.
Queen of Cups.
Trump 10: Wheel of Fortune.
Trump 11: Strength.
Seven of Cups
Trump 4: Emperor.
Knave of Swords.
Trump 7: Chariot.
Eight of Swords
Deuce of Cups.
Ace of Swords.
Knave of Coins.
Eight of Cups
Ten of Batons
Ace of Coins.
Queen of Swords.
Deuce of Staves.
Trump 9: Hermit.
Four of Swords
King of Swords.
Six of Batons
Three of Batons
Seven of Swords
Deuce of Coins.
Nine of Coins
King of Cups.
Four of Coins
Ace of Staves.
Three of Coins
Trump 1: Magician.
Queen of Coins.
Eight of Batons
King of Staves.
Trump 8: Justice.
Trump 0 (or 22): Fool.
Six of Cups
Trump 2: High Priestess.
Trump 20: Judgement.
Nine of Swords
Trump 21: World.
Nine of Batons
Trump 12: Hanged Man.
Trump 13: Death.
Trump 14: Temperance.
Five of Batons
Eight of Coins
Seven of Coins
Three of Cups
Four of Batons
Trump 19: Sun.
Ten of Coins
Nine of Cups
Ten of Cups
Trump 17: Star.
Knave of Cups.
Five of Swords
Knight of Staves.
Knight of Cups.
Five of Cups
King of Coins.
Deuce of Swords.
Ten of Swords
Six of Swords
Trump 18: Moon.
Trump 5: Hierophant.
Queen of Staves.
Trump 6: Lovers.
3. Seal of Vassago
4. Seal of Gamigin.
1. Seal of Bael.
2. Seal of Agares.
5. Seal of Marbas.
A Great Huge Game of Chess
The Apartments of Mary Queen of Scots in Holyrood Palace
Sagittarius (the Archer, or Centaur)
Aries (the Ram, or Sheep)
Pisces (the fish, or two fishes)
Capricorn (the Goat)
Leo (the lion)
Aquarius (the water carrier)
Scorpio (the Scorpion)
Taurus (the Bull)
Libra (the scales)
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (first version)
Virgo (the Virgin, or young woman, or youth)
Gemini (the Twins)
Cancer (the Crab)
Osney Abbey
Front Cover
Antique engraving of a hippopotamus
Another antique brass engraving of a Hippopotamus
Frontispiece 3: Capt. E. J. Smith
Frontispiece 2: Grand Dining Saloon—S.S. Titanic.
Title Page
Frontispiece 1: A Titan of the polar sea lazily drifting with the current
The gentleman offered his services, took her up in his arms, and carried her down the hill.
air (a)
air (b)
To take three thousand pounds from the fortune of their dear little boy would be impoverishing him.
Hour Glass
Side Lever Engine
Berkeley Castle
Gothic Chapter Head: Mediaeval Birds
Title Page Detail: Francis Quarles
The Invocation.
Emblem 2.  Sin brings forth death.
Emblem 1. Serpent. Eve.
53.30.—iris or square-ended clover decoration
Green and Gold books on polished wood
1372.—Caxton. With Paper Marks.
Nativity Chart for Philip Melancthon
189.—Arms and Costume of a Saxon Military Chief.
51.—16th Century
Queen Mab
Queen Mab
Queen Mab (version without the words)
If I had a Broomstick 2
Gladiators, detail
Combat of Gladiators with Wild Animals
and so it happen3d (leopic)
oh girl (leopic)
5th November: Guy Fawkes
Elephants cayying logs at Rangoon
M, N, O, P, Q, T from English Gothic Letters 15th Century
Letters R and S from English gothic Letters, 15th Century
A, B, C, D from English Gothic Letters 15th Century
E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L from English Gothic Letters 15th Century
179.—English gothic Letters, 15th Century.  F.C.B.
Letters U V W X Y and Z from English gothic Letters, 15th Century
Water End
30.—Chicory, Cichorium Intybus, L.
80.—British and Roman Weapons.
Frontispiece: What the sun looks like when it’s asleep
1731.—Gray’s Inn Hall.
1029.—Dominican, or Black Friar
Stack of old books, light background
53.29.—IHS Monogram
Cathedral Cloisters and King’s School
Leys Street.
Chapter end decoration: cherubs
Friend in the Garden
Antique map of Kent
140.—The Old Kitchen at Stanton Harcourt, in Oxfordshire
143.—Spanish Round Gothic Letters.  Francisco Lucas, 1577
Initial letter B Woodcut
Monoceros (Unicorn) Engraving
Fourteenth Century Initial Letter D from Plate 65
If I had a broomstick 1
Decorative chapter head with winged creatures
Milan Cathedral
Initial Letter I
Little Wee Men
77.—British Camp at caer Caradoc.—From Roy’s Military Antiquities.
Chapter end decoration: eagles
Title Page
Chapter Heading Woodcut featuring Eagle
Initial Letter T Woodcut
Frightened Boy At Bedtime
142.—Italian Round Gothic Small Letters.  16th Century.
The Red Queen chastises Alice
Antique Eighteenth-Century Map of Oxfordshire
41.—Benjamin Bromnsell Married
76.—The Herefordshire Beacon.
The Portal
53.28.—Trifoliate Calligraphic Ornament
105.—Arundel Castle
Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers
Marriage is Honourable in all
79.—Symbols of Rome.
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