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Panting was his heart with fright

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A dog is leaping in chase after a rabbit; another rabbit looks on nervously in the background.

Bright the summer morn and early,

    Sweetly sang the lark on high,

Meadow grass with dew was pearly,

    Blue as azure was the sky.

From his burrow came a rabbit,

    Skipped along for pure delight,

It was Brownie’s usual habit

    Thus to seek an appetite.

Soon he met another bunny,

    And they talked of this and that,

You may think it very funny—

    Did not know that they could chat!

Said his friend, ‘Beware of danger,

    ’Tis not well to be too bold;

Somwhere in the fields is Ranger,

    Or, at least, so I am told.’

Answered Brownie, happy-hearted,

    ‘I can run as fast as he,’

Then ‘Good-bye,’ said they, and parted,

    Each as friendly as could be.

Doggie Ranger—fond of gambols,

    ’Neath the pleasant summer sun—

Chanced to see him in his rambles,

    Chased him for a bit of fun.

Skampered Brownie, helter-skelter,

    Painting was his heart with fright,

But he safely gained his shelter,

    And, as well, an appetite!

Marian Isabel Hurrell.



147 x 160mm (5.8 x 6.3 inches)

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1400 dots per inch



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