Martyrs being tortured with red-hot iron and with firedetails

[Picture: Martyrs being tortured with red-hot iron and with fire]
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Martyrs being tortured with red-hot iron and with fire




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A. Martyrs whose hand is filled with incense mingled with live coals, and who is being constrained by the pain to scatter the incense, is said to have made sacrifice to the idol.

B. Martyr clad in the iron tunic and shod with the red-hot shows, which consume the flesh from off his bones.

C. Martyr seated in the iron chair, while a red-hot helmet, or morion, is set on his head.

D. Martyr whose eyes are burned out with a lighted brand.

In the background is an idol of a god, possibly Jupiter or Thor, judging by the thunderbolts in its hand.

Yet was not the Devil content with these torments inflicted of yore upon Christian men, but did further cause Christ’s martyrs to be rolled back and forth, stripped of their clothes, over sharp shards and burning coals to their exceeding pain, or else force them to hold live coals, placed in their hands along with incense, before the altars of idols, so that, an if they should chance to toss down the burning embers, they might thus seem to have offered incense to the false gods of the Heathen. [...] attested in [...] the histories of the martyrdom of St. Procopius, as also of St. Cyrilla, virgin [...] (p. 143)



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