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At the bookseller

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The bookseller climbs a ladder to reach a book, which he is about to hand to a customer, a lady in 18th century dress and bonnet, in this bookshop [US: bookstore].

The bookseller made a bow, and was going to say something, when a young decent girl, about twenty, who by her air and dress seemed to be fille de chambre to some devout woman of fashion, came into the sop and asked for Les Rgaraments du Cœur et de l;Esprit. the bookseller gave her the book directly; she pulled out a little green satin purse, run around with a robbon of the same colour, and, putting her finger and thumb into it, she took out the money and paid for it. As I had nothing more to stay me in the shop, we both walked out of the door together. (p. 112)


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