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Strubby, Lincolnshire

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[Architectural period: Decorated]


The design of the bowl of this Font was not unfrequent in the fourteenth century; it is octagonal, and every side is enriched with Decorated tracery, differing in design. The shaft is one block of stone, cut into eight plain shafts, divided by deep hollows. From the form of the tracery, its date seems to be early in the fourteenth century. It stands on a single step of stones rudely put together, on the south side of the nave, under a pillar opposite the south door. The material is a hard limestone, and the tracery is in tolerable preservation.

The dimensions are :—

Height, exclusive of the step, 3ft. 7in.
Diameter across the top 2ft. 1in.
Depth of bowl 1ft. 6in.
Diameter of the interior 1ft. 7in.

The Church is dedicated in honour of St. Oswald.


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