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Lemonade Vendor

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A man with long straggly hair wearing a top hat and an old coat is selling lemonade from a bucket with wooden cups tied to it.

The reader will perceive, in the scenes which have caught the attention of the Pilgrims, how the poor Englishwomen with their unsightly bonnets and shawls have struck their attention. A Frenchman has never seen a shawl draggling to the ground from the shoulders of the wearer. But in England all classes, except the agricultural, dress alike – with a difference. Observe this lemonade vendor. His dress is that of a prosperous middle-class man, gone to shreds and patches. It was otherwise in the time when Bankside held the dramatic glory of England, in the time of Shakespeare, when there were bear-gardens, and when the way to the theatre was across the water in wherries.” (p. 47)



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