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206b1: Carriage Pulled By Death.

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This is a detail from plate 206, “Entrance of Henry of Lorraine, marquess of Moy, under the name of Pirandre” from the series The Combat at the Barrier, 1627.

Here in a carriage whose seat is a scallop-shell is a barefoot woman with a spear, holding aloft an orb. Her carriage is pulled by Time (or Death?), represented as a naked man, winged, carrying an hour-glass and a scythe.



95 x 60mm (3.7 x 2.4 inches)

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Added by Joseph Byrne on Sun Apr 8 16:13:27 2012

In your description you say the figure pulling the chariot is Death. It’s not. The figure represents Time. Time traditionally carries a sickle in iconography, as does Death. But the hour-glass clearly indicates that the figure is Time.

Added by Liam Quin on Sun Apr 8 23:16:00 2012

The scythe and hourglass are of course also symbols of death, but I have somewhat tentatively updated the description—thank you!



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