1423.—Hever Castle. (From an Original Sketch)details

[Picture: 1423.—Hever Castle.  (From an Original Sketch)]
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1423.—Hever Castle. (From an Original Sketch)

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Anne Bullen [Anne Boleyn] behaved throughout the whole affair with the utmost prudence. Shehad determiend to be the king’s wife, not his mistress; and from that determnation ensued events, the importance of which, in relation to the destinies of the country, it is hardly possible to overrate. Hever Castle (Fig. 1423), Kent, was the family residence of the Bullens; and there Anne Bullen chiefly resided during the period in question; and there, according to tradition, the bugle-horn was often heard sounding from the top of a neighbouring hill—Henry’s [Henry VIII’s] announcement to his lady-love of his approach. A regular correspondence by letter was also kept up; ans some of the king’s epistles are still preserved in the library of the Vatican.

In this picture, we see cows and sheep being farmed in the foreground, the castle moat, and of course the castle istelf. The castle is roughly 700 years old.

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