Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 50/52)

[picture: 2088.---The Custom-House, London, as it appeared before the Great Fire. (From a Print by Hollar.)]

2088.—The Custom-House, London, as it appeared before the Great Fire. (From a Print by Hollar.)

In all this increase of wealth and comfort, London of course took the lion’s share; the days had long passed away when as a port it ranked but a little higher in reputation than the ports of Boston, Lynn, and Southampton; and it began to be a general subject of complaint out of London, how it monopolised “traffic by sea and retailing by land, and exercise [...] [more...]


[picture: 2089.---Barbican. (Designed from old maps and Elevations, temp. James and Charles I.)]

2089.—Barbican. (Designed from old maps and Elevations, temp. James and Charles I.)

An old-world street in London, with half-timbered houses overhanging narrow streets and alleys. [more...]


[picture: Herstmonceaux Castle]

2103.—Herstmonceaux Castle.

There’s a modern photograph and also a Medieval Festival held each year. The castle is of brick and dates from 1415. The modern spelling is Herstmonceux, near Hailsham, East Sussex. [more...]


[picture: East Basham, Norfolk]

2105.—East Basham, Norfolk

Near Walsingham. “It is a curious and instructive contrast to compare with Herstmonceaux – a true Castle, but in which the domestic mansion was beginning to show itself – with East Basham Hall in Norfolk (Fig. 2105), which forms a true and most beautiful mansion, but in which the traces of old castellated architecture are everywhere conspicuous. It [...] [more...]


[picture: Inn at Charmouth, Dorset]

2106.—Inn at Charmouth.

I’m not sure if The Queens Arms is the same place. let me know!


[picture: The Standard of the White Horse]

The Standard of the White Horse

A white horse rears up; it is set in a circular frame or cartouche with sword-hilts and an axe-head nearby. [more...]


[picture: Circular Frame With Weapons]

Circular Frame With Weapons

This circular wood-engraved frame or cartouche is suitable for use as clip-art, perhaps for a restaurant menu or a scrapbook border around a picture. You could probably use it as a decorative initial O or Q, too. It is taken from the decorative illustration at [...]white horse. [more...]


[picture: Historiated Initial Letter ``A'']

Historiated Initial Letter “A”

A decorative initial capital letter “A” at the start of a chapter. This “historiated” letter A shows a woodsman, perhaps, with an axe (ax) raised over his head and a sheep at his feet. It could also be Abraham sacrificing a lamb instead of his son Isaac. The man wears a cloak with a hood, and shorts, and seems to have either soft boots or bare [...] [more...]


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