Record of Fifty Years’ Work, A (page 1/3)

[picture: Front Cover, The Brothers Dalziel]

Title: Record of Fifty Years’ Work, A

Author: Dalziel, the Brothers

Published by: Methuen and Co.

City: London

Date: 1901

Total items: 19

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[picture: Front Cover, The Brothers Dalziel]
[picture: The Adoration of the Maji.  By F. R. Pickersgill, R.A.]

Pictures from A Record Of Work – 1840 – 1890 by The Brothers Dalziel (London, 1901).

There were eight Dalziel brothers: William Dalziel (the eldest) whose art work was chiefly devoted to heraldic and occasional ornamental decoration for manuscript work, and was also a still-life painter; Robert Dalziel, a portrait painter; Alexander Dalziel a draughtsman, who died of consumption at the age of 23; George Dalziel, a pupil of Charles Gray (an engraver on wood); Edward Dalziel (1817 – 1905), who joined his younger brother George; John Dalziel, who was also an egraver, but who also died young; Thomas Dalziel (1823-1906), who was trained in copperplate engraving, but who later joined George and Edward in engraving on wood; The youngest, Davison Dalziel, “applied himself very successfully to commerce.”

The book is primarily by George and Edward Dalziel.

This book is online on [off-site] although, as usual, the images there are of poor quality.

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