Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 3/52)

[picture: 3.---Stonehenge.--Perspective Elevation, restored.]

3.—Stonehenge. – Perspective Elevation, restored.

“The external appearance which the whole work would have if restored, is shown in the perspective elevation. (Fig. 3.)” (p. 3)


[picture: 4.---Stonehenge: section 1 to 2 (Restored Plan, Fig. 2), 105 feet.]

4.—Stonehenge: section 1 to 2 (Restored Plan, Fig. 2), 105 feet.

“The internal arrangment is exhibited in the section.” (p. 3)


[picture: 5.---Stonehenge.]


“The present arrangement of the ruin [of Stonehenge] is shown in Figs. 5 and 6.” (p. 3)


[picture: 6.---Stonehenge]


“The present [1845] appearance of the ruin [Stonehenge] is shown in Figs. 5 and 6.” (p. 3) [more...]


[picture: 7.---Druidical Circle at Darab]

7.—Druidical Circle at Darab

Legend ascribes the foundation of the city to Darius, hence its name Darab-gerd (Darius-town) [more...]


[picture: 8.---Druidical Stone in Persia.]

8.—Druidical Stone in Persia.

See Figure 7 for details.


[picture: 9.---Druidical Circle of Jersey]

9.—Druidical Circle of Jersey

“[...] the circle of Darab resembles the Druidical circle of Jersey (Fig. 9), although the circle [in Jersey] is very much smaller, and the stones of very inconsiderable dimentsions,—a copy in miniature of [...] [more...]


[picture: 10.---Astronomical Instrument.]

10.—Astronomical Instrument.

The precise description which Cæsar has thus left us if tghe religion of the Druids—a religion which, whatever doubts may have been thrown upon the subject, would appear to have been the prevailing religion of ancient Britain, from the material monuments which are spread through the country, and from the more durable records of popula superstitions—is [...] [more...]


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