Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 4/52)

[picture: 11.---Gaulish Deity.  Cernunnos.]

11.—Gaulish Deity. Cernunnos.

The Celtic god Cernunnos is crowned with antlers. He is sometimes also called as Herne the Hunter, and may be the Green Man of British folklore. [more...]


[picture: 12.---Gaulish Deity.  Hesus.]

12.—Gaulish Deity. Hesus.

A Celtic war god


[picture: 13.---Two Druids.  Bas-relief found at Autun.]

13.—Two Druids. Bas-relief found at Autun.

This carved likeness was found in an earth burial-mound, a barrow. [more...]


[picture: 14.---Druidial Ornaments]

14.—Druidial Ornaments

“These remarkable monuments contain not only the bones and the ashes of the dead, but various articles of utility and ornament, domestic utensils, weapons of war, decorations of the person, perhaps insignia of honour (Figs. 13 and 14), the things which contributed to comfort, to [...] [more...]


[picture: 15.---Group of Arch-Druid and Druids]

15.—Group of Arch-Druid and Druids

A group of bearded older men wearing robes sit in disputation or discussion. They are in a forest.


[picture: 16.---Ancient British Weapons of bone and flint.]

16.—Ancient British Weapons of bone and flint.

“Mela says that the Druidical belief in a future state led the people to bury with the dead things useful to the living. The contents of these barrows indicate different stages of the arts. In some there are spear-heads and arrow-heads of flint and bone (Fig. 16); in others brass [...] [more...]


[picture: 17.---Sarum Plain]

17.—Sarum Plain

In the foreground a barefoot shepherd with crook and straw hat, probably a boy, accompanied by his sheep, who graze on grassy burial mounds perhaps of ancient kings. In the far background, over [...] [more...]


[picture: 18.---Various Barrows.]

18.—Various Barrows.

The text reads: “a. Long barrow. b, c. Druid Barrows. d. Bell-shaped Barrow. e. Conical Barrow. f. Twin Barrow.” [more...]


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