Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 2/52)

[picture: Old England: Photograph of the book]

Old England: Photograph of the book

I put the book on an artist’s easel and photographed it. This is Old England, printed in 1845.


[picture: Colour plate: Morris Dance]

Colour plate: Morris Dance

This plate is inside the front cover, before the title-page, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to call it a frontispiece: it doesn’t face the title page. [more...]


[picture: Title Page for Volume I]

Title Page for Volume I

A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal and POPULAR ANTIQUITIES. [more...]


[picture: Floriated initial capital letter  ``S'']

Floriated initial capital letter “S”

This decorated drop cap “S” has vine leaves intertwined with the letter. [more...]


[picture: Floriated initial capital letter ``S'' (coloured version)]

Floriated initial capital letter “S” (coloured version)

I coloured the initial letter S from the first page. The letter is red and the vine leaves are green; obviously you could change this. [more...]


[picture: 1.---Ground Plan of Stonehenge in its present state.]

1.—Ground Plan of Stonehenge in its present state.

This plan of Stonehenge is, of course, from 1845 or earlier. [more...]


[picture: 2.---Stonehenge.--Restored Plan.]

2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.

Dr. Stukely’s drawing; the shaded stones were the ones remaining in the early 1840s when this plan was prepared. [more...]


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