Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 5/52)

[picture: 19.---Various Barrows]

19.—Various Barrows

The text reads as follows: [more...]


[picture: 20.---Varieties of Druid Barrow]

20.—Varieties of Druid Barrow

The caption (retained in the image) reads as follows: [more...]


[picture: 21.---Four Tumuli at Barlow Hills, Essex]

21.—Four Tumuli at Barlow Hills, Essex

(17) Four tumuli at Barlow Hills, Essex; (18) Gallery of the largest. [more...]


[picture: 22.---Galleries at New Grange, Plan and Section]

22.—Galleries at New Grange, Plan and Section

New Grange (Newgrange) is the oldest known Irish passage tomb; it could be over five thousand years old. There is also a stone circle here. [more...]


[picture: 23.---Remains of Old Sarum]

23.—Remains of Old Sarum

“Across the plain [Salisbury plain], at a distance [from Stonehenge] not exceeding twenty miles, was the great temple and Druidical settlement of Avebury. The town and [...] [more...]


[picture: 24.---Contents of Ancient British Barrows]

24.—Contents of Ancient British Barrows

The plate also has the following text: [more...]


[picture: 25.---General View of Abury Restored.]

25.—General View of Abury Restored.

Avebury: stone circles within stone circles! [more...]


[picture: 26.---Abury Plan and Section]

26.—Abury Plan and Section

An 1840s plan of Avebury stone circle. [more...]


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