Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 34/52)

[picture: 866.---Jean Froissart]

866.—Jean Froissart

Jean Froissart was a historian who lived from 1337 to 1410 (roughly). [more...]


[picture: 867.---The Siege of Calais]

867.—The Siege of Calais

“They sent to Edward; who, however, would listen to no terms but unconditional submission. The noble Sir Walter Manny, however, spoke for them; and, at last, mercy was promised to all but six of the chief burgesses, who were to come to him bareheaded, barefooted, with ropes about their necks, and the [...] [more...]


[picture: 868.---Machines used for the Defence of Stone Walls against the action of Battering rams.]

868.—Machines used for the Defence of Stone Walls against the action of Battering rams.

“in Figs. 868 to 870 is illustrated the whole process of battering the walls as carried on in [late 13th century and early 14th century]. Slow, but sure, after that the work of destruction went on, [...] [more...]


[picture: 869.---Attack on the Walls of a besieged Tower.]

869.—Attack on the Walls of a besieged Tower.

The Cut shows two forms of the Battering-ram in use, for making breaches in the fortifications.


[picture: 870.---Machines for Boring Holes in Castle Walls.]

870.—Machines for Boring Holes in Castle Walls.

Medieval crusaders (mediaeval knights) use various devices to make holes in the defensive walls of a castle. In the background a group of people wearing tunics are [...] [more...]


[picture: 874.---Ancient Gate of Coventry]

874.—Ancient Gate of Coventry

This is the Cook Street gate in Coventry. [more...]


[picture: 914.---Strand Gate, Winchelsea]

914.—Strand Gate, Winchelsea

Built in the late 13th Century. It still has a road running through the arch today.


[picture: 915.---Southampton Gate: North Front.]

915.—Southampton Gate: North Front.

A castellated (fortified) tower with a cout of arms, various statues, and an arched entrance; a horse and cart are going through, and a man wearing a top hat pushes a barrow. [more...]


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