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[Picture: Inn at Charmouth, Dorset]
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2106.—Inn at Charmouth., in Charmouth, Dorset, England more

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2106.—Inn at Charmouth.

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I’m not sure if The Queens Arms is the same place. let me know!


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Added by Tim Aldworth on Sun Jan 20 03:01:14 2008

Judging by the slope of the street, it looks more like the Coach and Horses Hotel (Closed around 2001?). This was later a much larger building and situated around 100 yards further west - up the hill.

Added by Jacobea on Mon Jun 22 20:33:35 2009

It’s almost certainly the Queen’s Arms (now sadly turned into holiday flats despite its royal connections). I’ve passed it many times on holiday and, on comparing this drawing to a recent photograph, I think this is the Queen’s Arms. I always wondered why, for an inn, it had no tunnel to the stables! Looks like they bricked it up to build a bigger bar.
A recent photograph of the Queen’s Arms, Charmouth.
Great site btw :)

Added by Tim Beer on Sat Jul 11 07:09:05 2009

It is definitely the Queens Armes on the right with the Angel Inn on the left, it is all now one property, the Queens Armes.



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