Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 44/52)

[picture: Methley Hall]

Methley Hall

“Methley Hall, or Methley Park, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, seven miles south-east from Leeds, is the seat of the Saviles, Earls Mexborough, which family have held the manor for several centuries. The original manor-house was built by Sir Robert Waterton, in the reign of Henry IV.; but after the manor became the property of the Saviles, the old [...]i.e. outside], but contains some very fine apartments, one of which, with its beautiful painted ceiling and pendent ornaments, its antique [as of 1845] furniture, rich carving, and lofty mullioned windows, is exhibited in out coloured engraving.” (p. v) [more...] [$]

[picture: Methley Hall, Wallpaper Version]

Methley Hall, Wallpaper Version

A version of the Methley Hall coloured engraving; this version has been cropped slightly so that it’s the right size for a computer desktop background, or wallpaper. [more...] [$]

[picture: 1422.---Queen Anne Boleyn.  (From a Painting by Holbein.)]

1422.—Queen Anne Boleyn. (From a Painting by Holbein.)

Thus Anne Bullen [Anne Boleyn] was at last Queen of England, and Katherine deposed. (p. 23) [more...] [$]

[picture: 1423.---Hever Castle.  (From an Original Sketch)]

1423.—Hever Castle. (From an Original Sketch)

Anne Bullen [Anne Boleyn] behaved throughout the whole affair with the utmost prudence. Shehad determiend to be the king’s wife, not his mistress; and from that determnation ensued events, the importance of which, in relation to the destinies of the country, it is hardly possible to overrate. Hever Castle (Fig. 1423), Kent, was the family residence [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: chalices, wassailing bowl, cups]

1425.—Group of Christening Gifts.

Thus Anne Bullen [Anne Boleyn] was at last Queen of England, and Katherine deposed. At first all things smiled upon the beautiful and light-hearted woman who now presided over the domestic arrangements of the court. A dughter—Elizabeth—was born; and loud and long were the congratulations, magnificent the feastings and processions of the christening [...]her maids of honour. It is said that the premature birth of a son was brought on by discovering some unseemly familiarity between Henry and Lady Jane Seymour; and the death of that son in consequence completed her ruin. (p. 23) [more...] [$]

[picture: Wolsey's Hall at Hampton Court]

Wolsey’s Hall at Hampton Court

In 1514, in the parish of Hampton, Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York began building a magnificent palace on the north bank of the River Thames... Tudor Histor Web page. [more...] [$]

[picture: 1532.---Interior of the Beauchamp Tower]

1532.—Interior of the Beauchamp Tower

The Beauchamp Tower in the Tower of London; the tower was built in the thirteenth century during the reign of King Edward I. It’s named after Thomas [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: 1534.---Hayes Farm, Devonshire]

1534.—Hayes Farm, Devonshire

Birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh [more...] [$]

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