Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 36/52)

[picture: 1023.---Howden Church]

1023.—Howden Church

The perfect Romantic Ruin, an abbey that was once a place of worship and a seat of power, and has now fallen so low that cattle graze where there was once a High Altar. [more...]


[picture: 1023.---Howden Church (detail for use as computer desktop background image)]

1023.—Howden Church (detail for use as computer desktop background image)

A detail taken from the engraving of Howden Church, sized so that it makes a good screen background, or desktop wallpaper; cows graze in the ruins of a mediƦval monastery. [more...]


[picture: 1026.---Tomb of the Boy Bishop, Salisbury]

1026.—Tomb of the Boy Bishop, Salisbury

“But there is one monument of quite a unique character—to a chorister, or boy-bishop. (Fig. 1026.) It was discovered in the prelacy of Bishop Duppa, under the seats near the pulpit, and is now placed in the nave. The Rev. J. Gregorie, a prebend of Salisbury at the time, wrote a dissertation on the subject of boy-bishops, from which it appears that [...] [more...]


[picture: 1027.---Ruins of Netley Abbey]

1027.—Ruins of Netley Abbey

There is another more recent picture of Netley Abbey; see the Netley Location link. [more...]


[picture: 1028.---Franciscan, or Grey Friar]

1028.—Franciscan, or Grey Friar

The Franciscan monk or friar shown here wears a robe (a habit) and sandals; he carries a small cross on a chain or rosary. [more...]


[picture: 1029.---Dominican, or Black Friar]

1029.—Dominican, or Black Friar

The monk shown here is a Black Friar; despite the text he has neither bare feet nor sandals, but wears shoes; he also has more ornate robes than the text would seem to imply. [more...]


[picture: Stone Church, Cheshire]

1045.—Stone Church

Stone is a town in Cheshire.


[picture: Stone Church, south door]

1046.—Stone Church, south door.

The South Door of an English Church generally has the font inside, and leads through the South Aisle into the West End of the Nave.


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