Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 35/52)

[picture: 922. West gate and Holy Cross Church, Canterbury.]

922. West gate and Holy Cross Church, Canterbury.

In the great insurrection just mentioned, perished, on Tower Hill, Simon de Sudbury, son of Nicolas Tibald, gentleman, of Sudbury, in Suffolk. He was eighteen years Bishop of London, and, on being elevated to the Archbishopric of Canterbury, [...] [more...]


[picture: 925.---Bodiam Castle, Sussex.]

925.—Bodiam Castle, Sussex.

The castle stands in the moat. One of a number of pictures of Bodiam Castle on this Web site.


[picture: 926.---Arundel Castle]

926.—Arundel Castle

In this wood engraving, the castle is in the middle distance, with someone squatting or perhaps sitting and fishing, in the foregroud to give a sense of scale. [more...]


[picture: 928.---Betchworth Castle.]

928.—Betchworth Castle.

[...] Not many months after, the earl’s brother, thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, banished in the same cause, set the crown of Richard on Bolingbroke’s head. Of course the Arundels found favour with the new king. We find the earl’s second son, John Fitzalan, had leave from him to [...]i.e. to crenellate, or fortify it]: the present old mansion stands on the castle site. (p. 254) [more...]


[picture: 929.---North West View of Salisbury Cathedral.]

929.—North West View of Salisbury Cathedral.

The bishopric of Salisbury was created by the union of the sets of Wilton and Sherbourne, which was done by order of Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1075. [...] The ceremony of laying the foundation was a gorgeous one. The young king, and all the principal nobility and clergy of the realm, were invited, and everything that could add dignity or [...] [more...]


[picture: 931.---Chapter House, Salisbury.]

931.—Chapter House, Salisbury.

The chapter-house is 58 feet in diameter, internally, and 52 feet high to the vaulting. (p. 258) [...] [more...]


[picture: 933.---Early English Foliage Bracket.]

933.—Early English Foliage Bracket.

A wood-engraving showing a stone bracket, a mediaeval [US: medieval; in this book mediƦval] carving with grapes and leaves and two birds.


[picture: 934.---Gable Crosses.]

934.—Gable Crosses.

Crosses from the gables at the ends of the roof of Salisbury Cathedral. [more...]


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