Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 6/52)

[picture: 27.---Abury.  Extended Plan.]

27.—Abury. Extended Plan.

A map covering a larger area than that of Fig. 26. [more...]


[picture: 28.---Abury.  Bird's eye view, from the South.]

28.—Abury. Bird’s eye view, from the South.

“The bird’s-eye view (Fig. 28), exhibits the restoration of Abury and its neighbourhood somewhat more clearly. 1 is the circumvallated bank, 2 and 3 the inner temples, 4 the river Kennet, 5 and 6 the avenues, 7 [...] [more...]


[picture: 29.---Arch-Druid in his full Judicial Costume.]

29.—Arch-Druid in his full Judicial Costume.

A fanciful drawing of an Arch-Druid (archdruid) in his full costume, judicial presumably meaning that he is ready to judge over people. An old and stern-looking man with a long flowing beard wears a robe fastened about his chest with a buclked belt. One bare foot protudes from beneath his robe, showing him to be barefoot. His righ thand is raised, although whether in benediction or to request a cup of mead is unclear. He has [...] [more...]


[picture: 30.---Ornaments and Patterns of the Ancient Britons]

30.—Ornaments and Patterns of the Ancient Britons

See also Fig. 14 for other “Druidical Ornaments”.


[picture: 31.---British Weapons of Bronze, in their earliest and improved state.]

31.—British Weapons of Bronze, in their earliest and improved state.

Various weapons (if such they be) dug up from burial mounds in the vicinity of Stonehenge, probably of bronze. See also Fig. 16.


[picture: 32.---Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire]

32.—Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire

An engraving of Silbury Hill, near Avebury; a man leads a team of horses pulling a hay wain, on top of which sits a boy. A man and woman walk alongside. In the background [...] [more...]


[picture: 33.---Carnbré Castle]

33.—Carnbré Castle

There are two places called Carn Brae in Cornwall; one is the site of a medieval chapel and the other a castle. I think that this is the castle, near Redruth. [more...]


[picture: 34.---Stones at Stanton Drew]

34.—Stones at Stanton Drew

Stanton Drew stone circles lie on private land today, so you need permission to visit them [but see comments below]. The Great Circle is one of the largest megalithic stone circles in England. The date from the [...] [more...]


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