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Chi-rho symbol (Px) in red, black ad gold from front cover.
St. Simon Stylites, Hermit of the Pillar
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Sacred Monogram and Badges of the Apostles
Initial Letter M With Crucifixion Scene
1048.—Border with Evangelists
Engraving: Jesus King of the Jews
Specimen of the Würzburg Missal.  Written about 1470 or 1480.
Chapter tailpiece, winged angel holding cross
The Good Shepherd
Behold: Jesus taken down from the cross
Engraving: And Now When The Even Was Come
Ecce Ancilla Domini [Behold the blesséd Mary]
1054.—Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph
934.—Gable Crosses.
Palm Sunday Procession