About the Grammar of Heraldry

The text that follows is taken from a 1793 book about heraldry. It was transcribed by Liam Quin in 2003.

Please let Liam know of any errors you find; you can send him a message as liam at holoweb dot net, if you want, but please put [heraldry] in the Subject line.

The original spelling has been retained; there are also links to images of the original pages. Liam also has higher resolution versions of these images; just ask if you want them.

You could also help out by transcribing more of the text; the HTML you see here is produced by XSLT from an XHTML original. I can send you the original and the XSLT stylesheet if you want. It is in UTF-8, although in practice I have used numeric character references for non-ASCII symbols.

I am not using the TEI's scholarly markup because I am not confident that I my edition is suitable for text criticism or other serious work. Please do not convert it to different markup, or use this text as if it were authoritative in any way.

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