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[picture: 23.---Remains of Old Sarum]

23.—Remains of Old Sarum

“Across the plain [Salisbury plain], at a distance [from Stonehenge] not exceeding twenty miles, was the great temple and Druidical settlement of Avebury. The town and [...] [more...]

[picture: 24.---Contents of Ancient British Barrows]

24.—Contents of Ancient British Barrows

The plate also has the following text: [more...]

[picture: 1057.---South east View of Melrose Abbey]

1057.—South east View of Melrose Abbey

“Some of the general features of the great abbeys of the Cistercian order, that we have noticed in England, we find repeated in the Scottish houses Melrose and New Abbey. The former, the mother Cistercian church of Scotland, was founded in 1136, by that “sore saint for the Crown,” as James VI. styled his ancestor, the royal David I., when he found how his revenues were impoverished by that saint’s pious doings. The monks came from Rivaulx Abbey in Yorkshire; they were wealthy and numerous (nearly a hundred), and [...] [more...]

[picture: 25.---General View of Abury Restored.]

25.—General View of Abury Restored.

Avebury: stone circles within stone circles! [more...]

[picture: 26.---Abury Plan and Section]

26.—Abury Plan and Section

An 1840s plan of Avebury stone circle. [more...]

[picture: 1141.---Bed.]


“Of the domestic furniture of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries the beds of the nobility (Figs. 1141, 1142) were most lavishly adorned. The simple form was that of a railed box, or crib; the “brases,” or rails, of costly material: the draperies at the head magnificent in substance and in armorial blazonry. In the wills of our old nobility, one bed is mentioned “powdered with blue eagles,” one of red velvet, with ostrich feathers of silver, and heads of leopards of gold; ohers of black velvet, black satin, blue, red, and white [...]fur of ermines, are also specified; and sheets of fair white silk, and pillows from the East.” (p. 329) [more...]

[picture: 27.---Abury.  Extended Plan.]

27.—Abury. Extended Plan.

A map covering a larger area than that of Fig. 26. [more...]

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