Memorials of Hampshire. (page 1/3)

[picture: Front Cover, Memorials of Old Hampshire]

Title: Memorials of Hampshire.

Author: Jeans, G. E. (Ed.)

City: London

Date: 1906

Total items: 12

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: Title Page, Memorials of Old Hampshire]

Title Page, Memorials of Old Hampshire


[picture: Old Chained Bible]

Old Chained Bible

The Knight Hospitaller’s Tomb and Old Chained Bible at North Baddesley Church. The bible dates from 1620 and was donated to the church in 1702. The tomb is now in the chancel of the church. [more...] [$]

[picture: Romsey Abbey, Hampshire]

Romsey Abbey

“It is a perfect Norman church, with only the two east windows and the three western bays added by later hands (thirteenth century). The massive piers of the nave arches remind one of Durham, the lofty triforium rather of Norwich; the perfect Norman clerestory has nothing quite like [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Front Cover, Memorials of Old Hampshire]

Front Cover, Memorials of Old Hampshire

The cover is white, or was once white, with gilt lettering and border. [$]

[picture: Netley Abbey]

Netley Abbey

“The site of Netley Abbey indeed, like that of all the abbeys of the Cistercian Order, is choice, and was selected by the founders for various reasons. A spot remote from towns, quiet and peaceful, on the banks of a river will supplied with fish, in a valley, and as much a possible surrounded by hills, both for protection and seclusion—these were [...] [more...] [$]

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Pictures from Memorials of Old Hampshire Edited by G. E. Jeans, M.A., F.S.A., London, Bemrose and Sons, 1906.

Canon George Edward Jeans was Vicar of Shorwell and Rector of Mottiston (later combined into Vicar of Shorwell-with-Mottiston), Isle of Wight. He was a Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford. He was vicar of Shorwell from 1888 and died on the 7th of August 1921; his obituary in Wisden’s Almanack said that he was an enthusiastic cricketer.

The text is hence out of copyright. Individual pictures may still be in copyright, but I have checked all that I have scanned and found most of them to be OK; the remaining are probably out of copyright, and I have marked the collection public domain. All photographs in this book are in any case out of copyright.

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