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[picture: 101.---Plan of the Platform and Cross, Richborough]

101.—Plan of the Platform and Cross, Richborough

This appears to be a side view, or elevation, rather than a plan, of the platform and cross-shaped mound at the Roman fort of Richborough. See Fig. 98 for more details. [more...]

[picture: 102.---Bronze, found at Richborough.]

102.—Bronze, found at Richborough.

A woodcut showing three views of a bronze statuette, supposedly Ancient Roman, depicting a Roman soldier playing the bagpipes. I couldnot find a modern picture of the object. [more...]

[picture: 104.---Plan of Porchester Castle, Hants.]

104.—Plan of Porchester Castle, Hants.

[...] the fact is certain that in several of the undoubted Roman castles, or camps, is a small building of cruciform shape, placed not far from the centre of the enclosure. At Porchester (Fig. 104) and at Dover these buildings have become churches. The chronicler of Dover Castle says (See Appendix, No. 1, to Dugdale’s Account of the Nunnery of St. Martin), [...] [more...]

[picture: 105.---General View of the Ruin of Pevensey Castle.]

105.—General View of the Ruin of Pevensey Castle.

Anderida, the sea-fort of Sussex, is held by some to be Hastings, by others to be East Bourn. It is not our purpose to enter upon any controversial discussion of such matters; but it appears to us that Pevensey, one of the most remarkable castles in our country, which the Roman, and the Saxon, and the Norman, had one after the other garrisoned and [...] [more...]

[picture: 106.---Plan of Pevensey Castle.]

106.—Plan of Pevensey Castle.

On the north side was a few years since a fragment of a supposed Saxon keep, held to be an addition to the original Roman Castrum (Fig. 109). But the most important and interesting adaptation to another period of the Roman Pevensey is the Norman keep, the form of which is indicated on the Plan 106, at the south-east, and which was evidently fitted upon [...] [more...]

[picture: 107.---Walls and Gate, Pevensey.]

107.—Walls and Gate, Pevensey.

Here, as at Richborough, have the Roman galleys anchored; sheltered by the bold promontory of Beachy Head from the south-west gales, and secured from the attacks of pirates by the garrison who guarded those walls. We ascend the cliff from the village, and enter the area within the walls at the opening on the east (Plan 106). The external appearance [...] [more...]

[picture: 108.---Walls, Pevensey.]

108.—Walls, Pevensey.

The walls at Pevensey Castle show some Roman features as well as later additions. [more...]

[picture: 109.---Supposed Saxon Keep, Pevensey.]

109.—Supposed Saxon Keep, Pevensey.

Sheep graze in the foreground; in the background a stone archway frames a tunnel through heavy masonry, a ruined tower. [more...]

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