Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 48/52)

[picture: 2041.---Lady Mayoress of London]

2041.—Lady Mayoress of London

(Hollar’s Theatrum Mulierum.) [$]

[picture: 2042.---Country Woman with Mufflers]

2042.—Country Woman with Mufflers

(Speed’s Map of England) [$]

[picture: 2043.---Musketeer, 1603]

2043.—Musketeer, 1603

(From a Specimen at Goodrich Court; engraved in Skelton’s Armour.) [$]

[picture: 2046.---Pikeman, 1635. (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court.)]
[picture: 2047.---Soldier of Trained Band, 1633]

2047.—Soldier of Trained Band, 1633

“One of our military [wood-]cuts represents a soldier of the Trained Bands, 1638 (Fig. 2047).” (p. 211)

See Fig. 2046 for more detail. [$]

[picture: 2048.---Cuirassier, 1645 (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court)]
[picture: 2049.---Oliverian or Puritan (Jeffrey's Dresses)]

2049.—Oliverian or Puritan (Jeffrey’s Dresses)

See Fig. 2045.

The Puritan is shown carrying a book, presumably the Bible, as his weapon. [$]

[picture: 2050.---Helmets, 1645.  (From Specimens at Goodrich Court.)]

2050.—Helmets, 1645. (From Specimens at Goodrich Court.)

Helmets worn by soldiers in the English Civil War. See Fig. 2045 for details. [$]

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