Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 32/52)

[picture: 583.---Bracket, Chapter Housse, Lincoln.]

583.—Bracket, Chapter Housse, Lincoln.

They don’t make brackets like this any more! A carved stone folaiate bracket with a human face or head at the base. This is surely the sort of Gothic ornament that inspired the Gothic Revival! [more...]

[picture: 584.---Bracket, Lincoln.]

584.—Bracket, Lincoln.

A bracket, possibly a corbel supporting the end of an arch, in the form of a winged angel holding a shield with a cross on it.

[picture: 585.---Boss, Nave, Lincoln.]

585.—Boss, Nave, Lincoln.

A woodcut showing a medieval wooden boss, or decorative carving, in this case with a rose motif, used to cover a joint in the Nave of Lincoln Cathedral, possibly in the ceiling. [more...]

[picture: Boss, Nave, Lincoln]

Boss, Nave, Lincoln

I took th woodcut of the boss snd coloured it as it might (or might not) have been painted. [more...]

[picture: 589.---Durham Cathedral.]

589.—Durham Cathedral.

Durham Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site today. It was built in the 11th century and so is almost a thousand years old. But it still works. [more...]

[picture: 590.---Stone Chair in the Chapter House, Durham.]

590.—Stone Chair in the Chapter House, Durham.

The interior [of Durham Cathedral] presents many objects of high interest—[such] as the sumptuous bishop’s throne (Fig. 602), the stone chair (Fig. 590), and above all, the common tomb of St. Cuthbert and of the Venerable Bede, the author of the valuable Ecclesiastical History to which we are indebted for many of the most interesting facts relating [...] [more...]

[picture: Byland Abbey]

700.—Byland Abbey, Yorkshire.

These days it’s open to the public from March to October. [more...]

[picture: Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk]

703.—Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk.

The village of Walsingham is alive and well; the Abbey itself was destroyed in 1538 during the English Reformation.

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