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Bird fishing
Back of boy fishing cartoon
Cartoon: barefoot boy fishing
Girl in the window: Atlantic and Pascific Tea Company 1880s Trade Card
Reverse of A & P trade card
The Triumph of Love
Dark Passion Flowers
Fig. 41.—Un loculus ouvert. (A loculus, or Roman tomb, open.)
Egrets in a Nest, from the book of Deuteronomy ch. 32 v. 11
Full-page brown and green border with ivy creeper
Armillary Sphere, Scanned Version
Contents heading with children looking inside a chest
Full-page border with ivy
Monk’s Walking Dress of the Middle Ages
Historiated decorative initial capital letter M in Blue
La Loi: Le faible trouve sa force dans la loi qui le protège
Fantine [Les Misérables]
Storming of Antioch.
Sir Isaac Newton

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