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christmas: the supposed anniversary of the birth of Jesus, although since there were baby lambs it was more likely at Easter. Many of these christmas pictures would make good xmas clip-art or would be good on the front of a christmas card. Christmas is also known as Nöel or Yuletide.
Synonyms: xmas, noel

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Bottom border with angel
53.2.—IHS Monogram
The Virgin Mary
Scriptorium Monk at Work
Decorative initial letter “J” from 16th Century
Decorative initial letter D, gold with red angel
angel with violin
Zodiac with evangelists from p. 120
Miniature painting of a scribe writing at a desk
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Zodiac wheel from page 116
53.29.—IHS Monogram
Music: detail: cherub with violin
Printer’s Ornament with harp and vine
Decorative initial letter “I” from 16th Century
Sacred Monogram and Badges of the Apostles
1052.—St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
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