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[picture: Front cover, Divers Proverbs]

Title: Dictionary of Proverbs

Author: Bailey, Nathan

City: London

Date: 1917

Total items: 48

Page images and pictures from Nathan Bailey’s 1721 Dictionary of Proverbs.

This is the Table of contents; there is also a transcription with the definitions and explanations. I used a 1917 edition from Yale University and the Oxford University Press, which is now out of copyright.

I also have Nathan Bailey’s Canting Dictionary online.

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[picture: One good Turn deserves another;  He steals a Goose, and gives the Giblets in Alms.]
[picture: Give a Man Luck and throw him into the Sea;  Money makes the Mare to go;  Much falls between the Cup and the Lip.]
[picture: He who has a mind to beat a Dog will easily find a Stick; Naught is never in Danger; Faint Heart never won fair Lady.]
[picture: As sure as God's in Gloucestershire;  Every Man thinks his own Geese Swans.]
[picture: When the Steed's stolen, shut the Stable Door.]

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