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Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Chi-rho symbol (Px) in red, black ad gold from front cover.
1048.—Border with Evangelists
Sacred Monogram and Badges of the Apostles
Behold: Jesus taken down from the cross
Engraving: And Now When The Even Was Come
St. Simon Stylites, Hermit of the Pillar
Engraving: Jesus King of the Jews
Initial Letter M With Crucifixion Scene
The Good Shepherd
Ecce Ancilla Domini [Behold the blesséd Mary]
Specimen of the Würzburg Missal.  Written about 1470 or 1480.
Chapter tailpiece, winged angel holding cross
Palm Sunday Procession
Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph
934.—Gable Crosses.