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costumes: the way people dressed; clothing outfits.
Synonyms: clothes , dress

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Nelson at Trafalgar.
Ashurbanipal sacrificing the lions he has killed
Cavalier Costumes, Time of Charles II. A.D. 1670.
Gavroche (Les Misérables)
Croquet in the Moonlight
Rudolph von Habsburg.
Farmer and his Wife, Ybbstal Valley
The Archdruid
King John Sealing Magna Charta
Molly Sat Waiting For Her Father
stock block: Young male servant carrying a boar’s head
Costumes, A.D. 1200 – 1300
Mediæval Queen
Mediæval King
Godey’s Fashions for May 1870
Roman slaves carrying an amphora
Completely Mesmerized
Stock block: two dancing harlequins
Costumes 1550 – 1580.
Sixteenth-century noble couple
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