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costumes: the way people dressed; clothing outfits.
Synonyms: clothes , dress

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Miss Fallutine Preferred to Walk
The West Front, From the Minster-yard.
Carriage of the Fifteenth Century.
Male Macaroni.
Female Macaroni.
1802.—Bowling Green.
1805.—Arthur’s Show.
Elizabeth Woodville Surrendering Her Son
The Grace
2041.—Lady Mayoress of London
2042.—Country Woman with Mufflers
2043.—Musketeer, 1603
2056.—Old Shoes for some Brooms!
An Assyrian King.
Ladies at the Roman Palace
Paul and Virginia in the Forest
Lemonade Vendor
Kneeling at prayer by candlelight
Fraile mendicante, en Venecia.
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