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castles: A fortified defensive building or structure. Strictly speaking, a castle was also a home, whereas a fort was purely defensive, but I have used castle for any fortified place. A castle may also have had a dungeon or donjon, a sort of prison for offenders and captured soldiers.
Synonyms: fort , keep , garrison

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Knight and Hermit
23.—Remains of Old Sarum
33.—Carnbré Castle
St. George’s Chapel, Windsor
76.—The Herefordshire Beacon.
89. Roman Lighthouse, Church and Trenches in Dover Castle.
111.—Norman Keep, Pevensey.
129.—Wall of Burgh Castle
18.—Carnarvon: the Castle.
[p.210] The Tower of London
Penrith Castle, Cumberland
Crusaders attacking a castle
345.—Castle of Lillebonne
Guildford Castle, Surrey
The New or Water Tower, Chester
381.—St. Mary’s Chapel, Hastings Cliff Castle.
383.—Rock of Bamborough with Castle.
390.—Cardiff Castle
395.—Rougemont Castle
397.—Oxford Castle
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