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soldiers: People paid to fight and kill; the lowest dregs of any society, sadly necessary only when other nations or warlords also hire and train soldiers.
Synonyms: mercenaries , infantry , crusaders , looters , killers , murderers , thugs

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Frontispiece: Charles the King walked for the last time through the streets of London
A Siege of the Fifteenth Century
A Mameluke in Full Armour.
The shore was covered with men ready for battle
82.—Roman General, Standard Bearers, etc.
86.—Prow of a Roman Galley.
95.—Roman Galley
96.—Roman Standard Bearers.
97.—Roman Soldiers.
114.—Conflict between Romans and Barbarians.
136.—Roman Soldier.
The Discovery of Tin in Britain
Cæsar crossing the channel.
189.—Arms and Costume of a Saxon Military Chief.
190.—Arms and Costume of an Anglo-Saxon King and Armour Bearer.
191.—Arms and costume of the Tribes on the Western Shores of the Baltic.
192.—Arms and Costume of Danish Warriors
193.—Costume of a Soldier.  From Cotton MS. Tib. C. 6.
194.—Ringed Mail. Cotton MS. Claud. B, 4.
Xerxes Mandando Azotar El Mar.
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