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plans: small-scale maps, usually of buildings or ruins.

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1.—Ground Plan of Stonehenge in its present state.
2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.
4.—Stonehenge: section 1 to 2 (Restored Plan, Fig. 2), 105 feet.
Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2
26.—Abury Plan and Section
27.—Abury.  Extended Plan.
3. Castle Hedingham, Essex
4. Castle Hedingham, Essex.
Plan of Donnington Castle.
51.—Plan and Section of Chun Castle
52.—Plan of Chambers at Ballyhendon
53.—Plan of Chambers on a Farm twelve miles from Ballyhendon
54.—Ground Plan and Section of the Subterranean Chamber at Carrighhill.
Peak Castle, Derbyshire: Plan of the Site.
8. The Peak Castle, Derbysire (1176)
7. Peak Castle, Derbyshire
98.—Plan of Richborough.
101.—Plan of the Platform and Cross, Richborough
104.—Plan of Porchester Castle, Hants.
106.—Plan of Pevensey Castle.
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