Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Bacon and his localities [Vol II]
Bacon, Monument of, at St. Michael’s [Vol II]
Bacon, Portraits of [Vol II]
Bailiff’s Play [Vol II]
Balliol College, Oxford, in the 16th century [Vol II]
Ballyhendon, Plan of Chambers at [Vol I] 52
Ballyhendon, Plan of Chambers on a Farm twelve miles from [Vol I] 53
Balustre [Vol I]
Bamborough, Rock of, with the Castle in its present state [Vol I]
Bangor House, Shoe Lane [Vol II]
Bangor [Vol I]
Bank’s Horse [Vol II]
Banners used in the Battle of Agincourt [Vol I]
Bapchild, Kent, Piscina at [Vol I]
Bapchild, Kent, Piscina in Norman Arch at [Vol I]
Barber Surgeons’ Hall, court-room at [Vol II]
Barbican, the, in the times of James and Charles I. [Vol II]
Barferston Church [Vol I]
Barferston Church, Kent, Doorway of [Vol I]
Baring House, after the Siege [Vol II]
Barley-break [Vol II]
Barnet, Battle of [Vol I]
Barnet, Field of Battle near [Vol I]
Barrow, Portrait of [Vol II]
Barrow, varieties of Druid [Vol I] 19
Barrow, varieties of [i.e. earthworks] [Vol I] 20
Barrows, Ancient British, Contents of [Vol I] 24
Barrows, Long, Druid, Bell-shaped, conical, Twin [Vol I] 18
Bartholomew Close, entrance from Smithfield to [Vol I]
Bartholomew Fair in 1721, Lee and Harper’s Death [Vol II]
Base [Vol I]
Base [Vol I]
Bass Rock with Covenanters’ Prison [Vol II]
Bath Abbey Church, West Front of [Vol I]
Bath, Roman, Strand Lane [Vol I]
Battering-ram, Machines used for boring holes in fortified wals to make openings for the Action of the [Vol I] 870
Battering-rams, Machines used for the Defence of stone walls against the Actions of [Vol I] 868
Battle Abbey Gateway [Vol I]
Battle Abbey, as it appeared about 150 years sinc [i.e. in 1600] [Vol I]
Battle Scene [Vol I]
Baynard’s Castle [Vol I]
Baynham, James, doing Pennance [Vol II]
Bear-baiting in the 17th century [Vol II]
Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick [Vol I]
Beauchamp Tower, Exterior of [Vol II]
Beauchamp Tower, Interior of [Vol II] 1532
Beaufort, Cardinal [Vol I]
Beaumaris Castle [Vol I] 830
Beaumont, Portrait of [Vol II]
Becket, Baptism of the Mother of [Vol I]
Becket, Mariage of the Father and Mother of [Vol I]
Becket, Thomas-à, Martyrdom of [Vol I]
Bed [Vol I] 1141
Bed [Vol I] 1142
Bed, Wheel; Cotton MS. [Vol I]
Bed-room in the time of Edward IV [i.e. bedroom] [Vol I]
Bed-room in the time of Henry VI., Furniture of a [i.e. bedroom] [Vol I]
Bed-room of James I. at Knowle [Vol II]
Bedford School [Vol II]
Bedford, Duke of [Vol I]
Bedford, Duke’s House at [Vol II]
Beds, Saxon [Vol I]
Bells, Hand [Vol I] 1149
Belsize House [Vol II] 2404
Belvoir in [the] time of Charles II. [Vol II]
Benedictine, a [Vol I]
Bengeworth Church, as seen through the Tower Arch at Evesham [Vol II]
Beornvvlf, King of Mercia, Silver Penny of [Beornwolf?] [Vol I]
Berhtulf, King of Mercia, Silver Penny of [Vol I]
Berkeley Castle [Vol I]
Berkeley Church, Font in [Vol I]
Berkeley, Bishop, Portrait of [Vol II]
Bermondsey, Remains of the Abbey [Vol I]
Bermondsey, Remains of the Eastern Gate-House of the Abbey [Vol I]
Bermondsey, existing Remains of the Conventual Buildings [i.e. of the convent] [Vol I]
Bestiarii, a Sculpture from pompeii [Vol I] 127
Betchworth Castle [Vol I] 0928
Bidford Grange [Vol II]
Billiards [Vol II] 2153
Bird-catching by Clap-net [Vol I]
Birmingham, Ancient View of [Vol II]
Biscobel House [Vol II]
Bishop and Priest [Vol I]
Bishops, Petitioning, Medals in honour of the [Vol II]
Bishoptam Chapel [Vol II]
Blacklow Castle, near Guy’s Cliff [Vol I]
Bleak Hall [Vol II]
Blenheim House and Park [Vol II]
Blenheim House, Woodstock [Vol II]
Blenheim House, another View of [Vol II]
Blenheim House, from the Park [Vol II]
Blenheim, Medal to commemorate the Battle of [Vol II]
Blue Boar, the Old, Holburn [Vol II]
Boar Hunting. From Cotton MS. [Vol I]
Boar’s Head, bringing in the, at Christmas [Vol II]
Bob, Apple [Vol I] 0787
Bodiam Castle, Sussex [Vol I] 0925
Bodlian Library, Interior of [Vol II]
Boldre Church, Hampshire [Vol II]
Boleyn, Anne, Coronation of [Vol II]
Boleyn, Anne, Queen of Henry VIII. [Vol II] 1422
Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount [Vol II]
Bolyen, Anne, Medal to commemorate the Trial of [Vol II]
Boothby Pagnel Manor House, Fireplace [Vol I]
Boreham Church, Sussex (fig. 2) [Vol II]
Borthwick Castle, present state of [i.e. in 1845] [Vol I] 1273
Bosham Church [Vol I]
Boss [Vol I]
Boss [Vol I]
Boss [Vol I]
Boss [Vol I]
Boston Church [Vol I]
Boswell, Portrait of [Vol II]
Bothwell Bridge [Vol II]
Boundary Elm, Stratford [Vol II]
Bow Church and Cheapside [Vol II]
Bowling Ball [Vol I] 1378
Bowling Green [Vol II] 1802
Bowling [Vol I] 0794
Boy, from Hogarth’s Noon [Vol II]
Boyle, Portrait of [Vol II]
Boyne, Battle of the [Vol II]
Boyne, Battle of the, Medal to commemorate the [Vol II]
Bracket [Vol I]
Bracket, early English Foliage [Vol I] 0933
Bramber Castle [Vol II]
Brank, the [Vol II] 1735
Brass of Bishop Compton [Vol I]
Brass of R. braunché and his wives, lower compartment of the [Vol I]
Brass, Early (inlaid in stone) [Vol I]
Breaching-Tower; Archers behind their Pavison; Cannon, Cross-Bowmen, &c. [Vol I]
Breastplate in the time of Henry VIII. [Vol II]
Breastplate, British, remains of a [Vol I] 0064
Bridekirk Font, east side of [Vol I]
Bridekirk Font, west side of [Vol I]
Bridewell, Palace at [Vol II]
Bristol Cathedral [Vol I]
Bristol in the 17th century [Vol II]
Bristol, Abbey Gateway at [Vol I]
Bristol, Cathedral of (fig. 6) [Vol II]
Bristol, View of [Vol II]
Britannia on a Roman coin, the earliest Figure of [Vol I]
Broadstone, East Redford, the [Vol II]
Bromley Church, Kent [Vol II]
Bromyard Church, Herefordshire (fig. 3) [Vol II]
Buchanan, Portrait of [Vol II]
Buckhurst House, Sussex, Plan of [Vol II] 1674
Buckimgham, Duke of, Embarking for the Tower [Vol II]
Buckimgham, Duke of, Portrait of [Vol II]
Bucklers, Playing at [Vol II]
Bucklersbary ‘‘in simple time’’ [Vol II]
Building a House [Vol I]
Bullen, Sir Thomas, Monumental Brass of [Vol II]
Bunyan, Portrait of [Vol II]
Burbage, Richard [Vol II]
Burford, Oxfordshire, Piscina at [Vol I]
Burgh Castle, Wall of [Vol I]
Burgh Castle, Wall of [Vol I] 129
Burghley House, North Front of [Vol II]
Burial of a deceased Monk in the interior of a Convent [Vol I]
Burlington House [Vol II]
Burnet, Bishop, Portrait of [Vol II]
Burnham Beeches [Vol I]
Bury St. Edmunds [Vol I]
Bury St. Edmunds [Vol I]
Bury St. Edmunds, 1745 [Vol I]
Bury St. Edmunds, Parliament in the Abbey of [Vol I]
Bury St. Edmunds, Saxon Tower at [Vol I]
Bury St. Edmunds, Saxon Tower at, (by mistake named Abbey Gateway) [Vol I]
Butcher Row, Temple Bar [Vol II]
Butler, Birthplace of, Pershore [Vol II]
Butts, Dr., sent by Henry VIII. and Anne to the sick Cardinal [Vol II]
Bvrgerd, King of Mercia, Silver Penny of [Burgerd?] [Vol I]
Byland Abbey [Vol I] 700
Byland Abbey, Yorkshire [Vol I]