Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Oaks in Welbeck Park [Vol I]
Odin, entrance of the Mine of [Vol I]
Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, Pronouncing a Pastoral Blessing [Vol I]
Offa, King of Mercia, Silver Penny of [Vol I] 0234
Old Academy, St. Martin’s Lane [Vol II]
Old Blue Boar, the, Holbern [Vol II]
Old Star Chamber, Westminster [Vol II]
Orange, the Prince of, Embarkation of [Vol II]
Organ or Dulcimer, and Violin [Vol I] 1147
Ornament, Anglo-Saxon [Vol I]
Ornamental Letter of the 12th Century [Vol I]
Ornaments and Patterns of the Ancient Britons [Vol I] 30
Otter Hunting [Vol II]
Oudenard, Medal to commemorate the Victory of [Vol II]
Owen’s Lady, School [Vol II]
Owen, John, Dr., Portrait of [Vol II]
Oxburgh Hall, Heraldic Cane at [Vol I]
Oxford Castle, Tower of [Vol I] 396
Oxford Castle, as it appeared in the 15th Century [Vol I] 397
Oxford Cathedral [Vol I]
Oxford Divinity School in the 16th century [Vol II]
Oxford from the Abingdon Road [Vol II] 2271
Oxford, Arcade, Tower at [Vol I]
Oxford, Boss at [Vol I]
Oxford, Carters’ Hall Passage [Vol II]
Oxford, Christchurch Hall, Interior of [Vol II]
Oxford, Christchurch [Vol II]
Oxford, Christchurch, in the 16th century [Vol II]
Oxford, Corbel Shaft at [Vol I]
Oxford, Gate of Botanical Garden [Vol II]
Oxford, Magdalen Bridge and Tower [Vol II]
Oxford, Norman Capital at [Vol I]
Oxford, Norman Capital at [Vol I]
Oxford, Pinnacle at [Vol I]
Oxford, Plan of, with the Lines of Charles I. [Vol II]
Oxford, Poppy-Head at [Vol I]
Oxford, Poppy-Head at [Vol I]
Oxford, Queen’s College in the 16th century [Vol II]
Oxford, Robert Harley, Earl of, Portrait of [Vol II]
Oxford, Shrine of St. Fredeswide at [Vol I]
Oxford, a Tower which formerly stood on the Bridge at [Vol I]
Oxford, from Hollar [Vol II]
Oxford, new University Printing-office [Vol II]