Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Gable Crosses [Vol I]
Gadbury, John, Portrait of [Vol II] 2157
Galley, Prow of a Roman [Vol I] 0086
Galley, Roman [Vol I] 0093
Galley, Roman [Vol I] 0094
Galley, Roman [Vol I] 0095
Gardiner, Colonel, Birthplace of [Vol II]
Gardiner, Portrait of [Vol II]
Garnet’s Straw [Vol II]
Garnet’s Straw, Print of [Vol II]
Garrick as Macbeth [Vol II]
Garrick, Portrait of [Vol II]
Gascoigne, Sir W [Vol I]
Gascoine [Vol II]
Gaulish Deity, Cerunnos [Vol I] 11
Gaulish Deity, Hesus [Vol I] 12
General, Standard Bearers, &c., Roman [Vol I] 0082
Genings and Blunt [Vol II] 1736
George I., Arms of [Vol II]
George I., Autograph of [Vol II]
George I., Coins of [Vol II]
George I., Great Seal of [Vol II]
George I., Portrait of [Vol II]
George II., Autograph of [Vol II]
George II., Coins of [Vol II]
George II., Great Seal of [Vol II]
George II., Portrait of [Vol II]
George of Denmark, Prince [Vol II]
Gerard’s Hall, Vault under [Vol I]
German Merchants of the Steel-Yard, Wharf of the [Vol II]
Glaive-blade in time of Henry VII. (fig. I) [Vol II]
Glamis Castle [Vol II]
Glasgow Cathedral [Vol I] 1053
Glastonbury Abbey, Cup found in the Ruins of [Vol I]
Glastonbury Abbey, Ruins of. As they appeared in 1785 [Vol I]
Glastonbury Thorn, the [Vol I]
Glencoe [Vol II]
Glendower, Owen; Portrait of [Vol I]
Globe Theatre, Bankside [Vol II]
Globe Theatre, the [Vol II]
Gloster, Humphrey, Duke of [Vol I]
Gloucester Cathedral [Vol I]
Gloucester Cathedral, Piscina in [Vol I]
Gloucester, City of [Vol II]
Godfrey, Sir E., Medal to commemorate the Murder of [Vol II]
Godolphin, Sidney, Earl of, Portrait of [Vol II]
Goldsmith, House of, in Green Arbour Court [Vol II]
Golf, or Bandy-ball [Vol I] 1384
Goodrich Castle [Vol I] 422
Gospels, presented by King Athelstane to the Church of Canterbury, fac-simile from the [Vol I]
Gower’s Monument, in St. Saviour’s Church, Southwark [Vol I]
Grace, Saying [Vol I]
Grafting and Pruning, Implements of [11 illustrations] [Vol II]
Grantham, Lincolnshire, House at [Vol I]
Gray’s Inn Hall [Vol II] 1731
Great Chatfield Manor-House, Wilts [Vol I]
Great Gidding, Northamptonshire, Piscina at [Vol I]
Greene, Thomas [Vol II]
Greensted, Ancient Church at [Vol I]
Greenwich, Observatory at [Vol II]
Greenwich, Palace at [Vol II]
Greenwich, Royal Hospital [Vol II]
Greenwich, Royal Observatory [Vol II]
Greenwich, the old Palace at [Vol II]
Gresham, Sir Thomas, Exchangeof [Vol II]
Gresham, Sir Thomas, Portraits of [Vol II]
Gresham, Sir Thomas, Statue of [Vol II]
Grey, Lady Jane [Vol II]
Grisogono, Ground Plan of the Church of [Vol I]
Guesclin, Bertrand du, Portrait of [Vol I]
Guesclin, Bertrand du, at the Tournament [Vol I]
Guesclin, Bertrand du, fully Armed [Vol I]
Guesclin, Bertrand du; at the head of a Free Company [Vol I]
Guildhall, Chichester [Vol I]
Guildhall, Crypt at [Vol I]
Guildhall, about 1750 [Vol I]
Guildhall, the Hall of [Vol I]
Gunpowder Conspirators, House of [Vol II]
Gunpowder Conspirators, the [Vol II]
Guy’s Cliff in the 17th Century [Vol I] 1303
Guy’s Cliff, Chapel at [Vol I] 1304
Guy’s Cliff, Warwickshire [Vol II] 2333
Guy, Ancient Statue of; at Guy’s Cliff [Vol I] 418
Guy, Portait of [Vol II]