Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Kelly, Portrait of [Vol II] 2156
Kelso [Vol I] 1054
Kenilworth Castle in 1620 [Vol I]
Kenilworth Castle, Great Hall of [Vol I] 0823
Kenilworth Castle, View from the Gate-House of [Vol I] 0822
Kenilworth, Chimney at [Vol II]
Kenilworth, Entrance to the Hall [Vol II]
Kenilworth, Gate [Vol II]
Kenilworth, Ruins in the 17th Century of [Vol I] 0818
Keys of Dover Castle [Vol II]
Kildare Cathedral [Vol I] 1060
Kildrummie Castle, Ruins of [Vol I]
Kilmarth Rocks, as seen from the South-East [Vol I] 0046
King’s College Chapel, Cambridge [Vol I]
King’s College Chapel, Cambridge [Vol I]
King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, Doorway of [Vol I]
King’s College Linrary, Section of [Vol II]
King’s School, Canterbury [Vol II]
King, with his Privy Council [Vol I]
Kinghtsbridge, old Watering-house at [Vol II]
Kingston, St. Mary’s Chapel at [Vol I]
Kinsale [Vol II]
Kirkstall Abbey [Vol I]
Kirkstall Abbey, Plan of [Vol I]
Kit’s Coty House [Vol I] 0037
Kit’s Coty House [Vol I] 0038
Kit’s Coty House, near Aylesford,Kent [Vol I] 0036
Knight Templar [Vol I]
Knight and Squire. Canturbury Tales [Vol I]
Knight, Figure of a. From Caxton’s ‘Game of the Chess’ [Vol I] 1373
Knighting on the Field of Battle [Vol I]
Knights Combaing [Vol I]
Knights Jousting [Vol I]
Knights Jousting [Vol I]
Knotted Garden [Vol II] 1801
Knowle House and Park, Kent [Vol II]