Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Painted Chamber, the [Vol I]
Palace Yard Stairs in 1641 [Vol II]
Palace Yard, from Hollar [Vol II]
Pall Mall about 1740 [Vol II]
Pall Mall, St. James’s Park [Vol II]
Palm Sunday. Procession of the Wooden Ass [Vol II]
Paris Garden Theatre, Southwark [Vol II]
Parliament Assembled for the Deposition of Richard II. [Vol I]
Parliament Houses in time of Charles II., from the River [Vol II]
Parliament Oak in Clipstone Park [Vol I]
Parliament of the time of Henry V. [Vol I]
Parliament, Commons’ House of, in time of George II. [Vol II]
Parliament, Commons’ House of, in time of Sir H. Walpole [Vol II]
Parliament, Lords’ House of, in time of George II. [Vol II]
Parr, Catherine, Queen of Henry VIII. [Vol II]
Parson and Clerk of Oxenford. Canturbury Tales [Vol I]
Party, a Convival. Harleian MS. [Vol I] 0239
Passage of the Host. Cripples Worshipping [Vol I]
Patera, Bronze. View 1. [Vol I]
Patera, Bronze. View 2. [Vol I]
Patera, Bronze. View 3. [Vol I]
Paul’s Cross [Vol I]
Paul’s Cross, Roman Antiquities found on the Site of [Vol I]
Paul’s Walk [Vol I]
Pavement, Tessellated [Vol I]
Pearl-Shells, British [Vol I] 0059
Pembroke, William Marshall, Earl of [Vol I]
Penshurst Castle [Vol II]
Penshurst Castle, General View of [Vol II]
Penshurst Church [Vol II]
Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge [Vol II] 2280
Pershore [Vol I]
Pershore, Cross near [Vol I]
Perth and Vicinity [Vol II]
Perth, from an old print [Vol II]
Peterborough Cathedral (fig. 1) [Vol II]
Peterborough [Vol I]
Peterborough, Andrew, Abbot of, 1199; Peterborough Cathedral [Vol I]
Peterborough, Arch of the Cloisters of [Vol I]
Peterborough, Parapet at [Vol I]
Peterborough, Parapet at [Vol I]
Peterborough, Recesses at [Vol I]
Pevensey Bay, Sussex [Vol I]
Pevensey Castle, General View of the Ruins of [Vol I]
Pevensey Castle, Plan of [Vol I]
Pevensey, Interior of Norman Tower [Vol I]
Pevensey, Norman Keep [Vol I]
Pevensey, Sally-Port [Vol I]
Pevensey, Supposed Saxon Keep [Vol I]
Pevensey, Walls and Gate [Vol I]
Pevensey,Walls [Vol I]
Peverel Castle, Derbyshire [Vol I] 424
Philip of England and Spain, Portrait of [Vol II]
Pig of Lead, with the Roman Stamp [Vol I]
Pig of Lead, with the Roman Stamp [Vol I]
Pig of Lead, with the Roman Stamp [Vol I]
Pigsty, Welsh [Vol I] 0055
Pinnacles [Vol I]
Planta Genesta [Vol I]
Plantagenet, Geoffrey [Vol I]
Playing Bears [Vol I]
Plough Monday. Dance of Bessy and the Clown [Vol II]
Plough, Two-wheeled [Vol I]
Plough, Wheel (Bayeux Tapestry) [Vol I]
Ploughing, Sowing, Mowing, Gleaning, Measuring Corn, and Harvest Supper [Vol I] 0238
Ploughman and Shipman. Canturbury Tales [Vol I]
Plug in a Frost [Vol II]
Plymouth [Vol II]
Poitiers, the Battle of [Vol I]
Politician, the [Vol II]
Pomfret Castle [Vol I]
Pomfret Castle [Vol I]
Pompeii, Amphitheatre at [Vol I]
Ponteract Castle, temp. Charles II. [Vol I]
Pope’s Grotto, Entrance to [Vol II]
Pope’s Tree at Binfield [Vol II]
Pope, Portraits of [Vol II]
Popish Plot, Medal to commemorate the [Vol II]
Porchester Castle, Hants, Plan of [Hampshire] [Vol I] 0104
Portland, from Sandsfoot Castle [Vol II]
Porto Bello, Medal to commemorate the Capture of [Vol II]
Portsmouth, House in which the Duke of Buckingham was assassinated [Vol II]
Post-house, Tothill Fields [Vol II]
Posture-master [Vol II]
Pouch, Leathern [Vol I]
Preston Tower [Vol II]
Pretender, Charles Edward, the Young [Vol II]
Pretender, Charles Edward, the Young in Highland Costume [Vol II]
Pretender, Charles Edward, the Young, in House occupied by, at Derby [Vol II]
Pretender, the Old, James Francis [Vol II]
Prince Henry and Lord Harrington [Vol II]
Prince Rupert’s House, Barbican [Vol II]
Printers, Early English, Marks of, [Vol II]
Prioress and Wife of Bath. Canturbury Tales [Vol I]
Prison, temp. John [Vol I]
Prisoners, Gang of, conveyed to Trial [Vol II]
Prudhoe Castle, Northumberland [Vol I] 841
Prynne, Portraits of [Vol II]
Pusey Horn [Vol I]
Pusey Horn, fac-simile of the Inscription on the [Vol I]
Pym, Portrait of [Vol II]