Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Tabard the (from a Drawing about 1780) [Vol I]
Tabard, the (from Urry’s edition of Chaucer, 1720) [Vol I]
Tabard, the [Vol I]
Tables, Saxon [Vol I]
Talbot, the, 1841 [Vol I]
Tamworth Castle [Vol I]
Tantallon Castle, View of, with the Bass Rock in the distance [Vol I]
Tattershall Castle, Chimney Piece at [Vol I]
Taylor Institute, Oxford [Vol II]
Taylor, Bishop, Portrait of [Vol II]
Taylor, Dr., Stone to commemorate the Martyrdom of [Vol II]
Taylor, John, Portrait of [Vol II]
Temple Bar, from Hogarth [Vol II]
Temple Church, Effigies of Knights Templars in [Vol I]
Temple Church, Effigies of Knights Templars in [Vol I]
Temple Church, Porch of [Vol I]
Temple Church, from the entrance [Vol I]
Temple Church, from the south [Vol I]
Temple Church, interior of the Round of [Vol I]
Temple Church, the Western Window, Alter, &c., of [Vol I]
Temple, Portrait of [Vol II]
Temple, the Inner, Hall of [Vol II]
Temple, the Middle, Hall of, Exterior of the [Vol II]
Temple, the Middle, Hall of, Interior of the [Vol II]
Tennis Court [Vol II]
Tents [Vol I]
Testwood, Person and Filmer, burning of [Vol II]
Tewkesbury Cathedral, Monument of Hugh Le Despenser, Earl of Gloucester, and his Countess in [Vol I]
Tewkesbury Church, Gloucestershire (fig. 1) [Vol II]
Tewkesbury [Vol I]
Tewkesbury [Vol I]
Thames, the, at Wallingford [Vol II]
Thanksgiving, Song of [Vol II]
Theatre, the Globe [Vol II]
Theobald’s, Hall at [Vol II]
Threshing [Vol I]
Threshing and Winnowing Corn [i.e. wheat] [Vol I]
Thynne’s Monument in Westminster Abbey, Sculpture on [Vol II]
Tilbury Fort [Vol II]
Tilbury Fort, Another View of [Vol II]
Tilbury Fort, Camp at [Vol II]
Tillotson, Dr., Portrait of [Vol II]
Tilt Yard, Westminster [Vol II]
Tilting Helmets in time of Henry VII. [Vol II]
Tilting Match between Nich. Clifford and J. Bouemell [Vol I]
Tilting at the Ring [Vol II]
Tilting, from Pluvenal [Vol II]
Tinkhell, the [Vol II]
Tintern Abbey [Vol I]
Tintern Abbey, View of [Vol I]
Tomb of a Young Roman Physician [Vol I]
Tomb, coped [Vol I]
Tonson, Portrait of [Vol II]
Torque, Captive wearing the [Vol I] 0081
Tournament [Vol I]
Tournament [Vol I]
Tournament, Knights entering the Lists [Vol I]
Tournament, a Water [Vol I]
Tournament. The Mêlée [Vol I]
Tower of Archers, Cannon, &c., Moveable [Vol I] 1274
Tower of London [Vol I]
Tower of London in the 15th century [Vol I]
Tower of London, Bloody Tower in the [Vol I]
Tower of London, Gateway of the Bloody Tower at the [Vol I]
Tower of London, Interior of the Chapel in the White Tower in the [Vol I]
Tower of London, Jewel House in the [Vol I]
Tower of London, St. Peter’s Chapel in the [Vol I]
Tower of London, from the Thames [Vol I]
Tower of London, temp. Henry VI. [Vol I]
Tower of London, the Bloody Tower in the [Vol I]
Tower of London, the Traitor’s Gate at the [Vol I]
Trap-Ball [Vol I]
Trascriber at Work [Vol I]
Treasury, the, from St. James’s Park in 1775 [Vol II]
Trevethy Stone [Vol I] 0039
Tric-Trac, fromTeniers [Vol II]
Trinity College, Cambridge, Library of [Vol II]
Trinity House, Old [Vol II]
Trombones, or Flutes [Vol I]
Tumbling [Vol I]
Tumuli at Bartlow Hills, Essex [Vol I] 21
Tumuli at New Grange, Galleries of [Vol I] 22
Tunbridge Castle [Vol I]
Tutbury Castle Yard [Vol I]
Tutbury, Representation of the Coins as found at [Vol I]
Tynemouth Cliff [Vol I]
Tynemouth [Vol I]