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Stoke Pogis Churchyard

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The churchyard at Stoke Pogis (today written Stoke Poges) was the setting for Thomas Grey’s famous Elegy.

The book uses the illustration to accompany the following poem, which is by the Rev. William Bourne Oliver Peabody, D.D. (1799 – 1847).

THE moon is up! how calm and slow

She wheels above the hill!

The weary winds forget to blow,

And all the world lies still.

The way-worn travellers with delight

The rising brightness see,

Revealing all the paths and plains,

And gilding every tree.

It glistens where the hurrying stream

Its little rippling heaves;

It falls upon the forest shade,

And sparkles on the leaves.

So once on Judah’s evening hills

The heavenly lustre spread;

The Gospel sounded from the blaze,

And shepherds gazed with dread.

And still that light upon the world

Its guiding splendor throws;

Bright in the opening hours of life,

But brighter at the close.

The waning moon in time shall fail

To walk the midnight skies;

But God hath kindled this bright light

With fire that never dies.


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