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spooky: Creepy, scary frightening Halloween sorts of pictures. Ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Halloween is the evening before All-Saints day; also called Allhallows Eve or Hallowe'en.

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Frontispiece: Burkard Keller of Yburg.
Frontispiece, Judges V. 20.
Page detail: Art Neuveau border
1.—Martyrs suspended by one or both feet, by the arms with heavy weights attached to the feet; crucified; Christian women hung up by the hair
12.—Gaulish Deity.  Hesus.
29.—Arch-Druid in his full Judicial Costume.
Catacombs in Alexandria
Young Bekie
In a Gloomy Wood
Initial letter T with sundial and scythe
In Needwood Forest
18. Five Skulls
Arches of Cloister of S. Aubin’s Abbey, Angers
289.—Coffin and Grave Clothes.
Dunstan and the Devil
Hobgoblin Hall
Catherine de Medici in front of the magic mirror of her astrologer Cosimo Ruggieri
A Procession in the Catacomb of Callistus
The Twa Corbies
Fallen Angels I—A Deceiver—Apollyon.
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