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swords: a sharp pointy weapon.

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Frontispiece: Clerk Colvill
Types of Armour
Perseus und Andromeda.
A Mameluke in Full Armour.
80.—British and Roman Weapons.
192.—Arms and Costume of Danish Warriors
194.—Ringed Mail. Cotton MS. Claud. B, 4.
Painted Window. Two Saxon Earls of Mercia, And Seven Norman Earls of Chester.
The Gorgon’s Head
King Edward VII. in his uniform as colonel of a Russian regiment.
Behold it then! cried Perseus
821.—Edward I.
August and Virgo
Crossed Swords with Snake
Military Costume, Middle of Fifteenth Century.
Costume of Fifteenth Century Knight
Costume of Fifteenth Century Pikeman
1789.—The Grand Falconer
2043.—Musketeer, 1603
2045.—Infantry Armour, 1625 (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court; engraved in Skelton’s Armour)
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