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[Picture: Dress of the Commonality, Time of Charles I.  A.D. 1630.]
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Dress of the Commonality, Time of Charles I. A.D. 1630.

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A colour engraving showing a cluster of people coming out of the door of a church, presumably after a service. They may be the common people but these are not working clothes.

The man in the foreground has a red robe and, under it, a yellow vest or shirt wit a white lace collar. he wears blue pantaloons down to just below his knees, white stockings, and shoes with flowers on the buckles. he carries his hat, which has a large feather. It’s hard to be sure but his belt, which is worn high, may well have a holster for a pistol.

The woman to his right has a large green dress hanging down, perhaps pleated, and a yellow and red bodice with a white shawl. She is bare-headed.

Outside the chich another woman, with ringed curls to her hair, a Dutch-style black hat, a white shawl, a purple robe and a long yellow patterend dress looks back over one shoulder, and a man with a full beard sitting on the church steps and holding a cane in one hand begs for money with an outstretched hat.


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