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people: an image depicting or containing humans, whether individual or groups, and whether foreground or background.
Synonyms: crowds, pedestrians , onlookers , spectaters

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Warwick Castle from the River
Front Cover Vol 64
front cover, Allegories and Emblems
Frontispiece: Magdalen Tower.
Frontispiece: Alnwick Castle
Frontispiece: Burkard Keller of Yburg.
Front Cover
Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory
Cartouche with Sculpture, Art and Architecture
Frontispiece: Francis Peck, A.M.
Frontispiece: Clerk Colvill
End Paper: the young mad read to her from a small book.
Household Treasures.
Title Page, Cosmography and Astrology
Title Page Image (detail)
Frontispiece: The Right Hon. Lord Penzance.
Frontispiece: Edward VII Taking the Oath
Frontispiece: Charles the King walked for the last time through the streets of London
Front Cover detail: jester reading a book
Rosalind. In an Old Monastery Garden.
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