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battles: people fighting each other; combat; warfare.

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114.—Conflict between Romans and Barbarians.
Crusaders attacking a castle
Chapter Heading Woodcut Featuring Soldiers on Horesback with Spears
Vanquished Army Passing Under the Yoke
74.—The Siege of a Castle
Idler No. 8: George and the Dragon.
867.—The Siege of Calais
868.—Machines used for the Defence of Stone Walls against the action of Battering rams.
869.—Attack on the Walls of a besieged Tower.
870.—Machines for Boring Holes in Castle Walls.
1144.—Quarter-staff (From the Old Ballad of Robin Hood and the Tanner.)
1251.—Storming a Fort. (Haeleian M.S. 4379.)
1252.—Siege of a Town.
1253.—Breeching Tower; Archers behind their Pavison; Canon, Crossbow-men, &c.
1274.—Moveable Towers of Archers, Cannon, etc.
Combat of Gladiators with Wild Animals
Gladiators, detail
1951.—Battle at Worcester
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