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xmas: Christmas-related images
Synonyms: christmas

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Vintage gold circular leaf border or frame
Music book and wreaths
Border of Peace from Front Cover.
Full-page holly and ivy border, US Letter sized
Ecce Ancilla Domini [Behold the blesséd Mary]
The baron’s Hall at Christmas.
Christmas Mass
Auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt (At Christmasfest)
Ornate Victorian Border
Cherub playing a grand piano
Choirboy singing from balcony pulpit
787.—Bob Apple.
Chester Cathedral Tower from St. John’s Street
934.—Gable Crosses.
Oval orange border with ivy leaves
1054.—Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph
They Crossed the Delaware in Safety
Ornate blue and gold full-page border
On the Serpentine
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