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wallpaper: images sized suitably for use as a screen background image or computer desktop.

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Knight and Hermit
Shabby-Chic Cartouche!
Cartouche from Dedication Page
Lanyon Cromleh Cornwall.  From the Druidical Antiquities plate.
Photograph of the Book
A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)
View of Selborne, Detail for use as Desktop Wallpaper
Frontispiece: Cranbrook, Kent
Frontispiece: Cranbrook, Kent
Frontispiece: The Kirk collection
Vintage ornate border
Vintage shabby-chic ornate full-page border
The Bridge at Durham
7.—Druidical Circle at Darab
9.—Druidical Circle of Jersey
Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2
Windsor Castle, The Royal Residence
1.—Scarborough: General View of the South Bay
Robert Fludd’s Mirror of Nature, Widescreen Version
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